Musician, Saxophones, Flute, Composer, Instructor
"Royal Garden Blues"

Thanks for visiting the new website of Leslie DaCosta Jr, AKA 'THE SAXMAN', vocalist, Sax and Flute player! Leslie does Jazz, Gospel, Rock, R&B, Latin Jazz, Bossa Nova, New Orleans, Blues performances at events and facilities located primarily but not limited to Southwest Florida! Browse through Leslie's website, and check out the latest news, photos, music and videos, and sign up for his Newsletter to stay current on his adventures and appearances.


Learn about the benefits of Music and Health, Mind Body and Spirit. This week showcasing the amazing effects on the Brain. Go to NEWS page... 

Neuroscientists are discovering multiple ways that musical training improves the function and connectivity of different brain regions. Musical training increases brain volume and strengthens communication between brain areas. Playing an instrument changes how the brain interprets and integrates a wide range of sensory information, especially for those who start before age 7. These findings were presented at the Neuroscience 2013 conference in San Diego....

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